Unicorn Day Camp

For Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Kids Ages 6-10

Sold out for Summer 2021. Please contact us to be added to the waitlist.

Unicorn Day Camp is a summer program for transgender and gender nonbinary kids ages 6 to 10. It’s four exciting days of arts, crafts, games, and lots of unicorn magic!

Led by Caroline Carter, PsyD. and Erin Norton, PsyD., you won’t want to miss this unique experience, alongside kids on similar gender journeys!

Unicorn Day Camp will be hosted at Descanso Gardens in the Harvest Garden. In an effort to maintain a safe environment for our campers, all activities will be hosted outdoors. Campers will be required to wear masks and social distancing, as well as hand sanitizing, will be implemented throughout each camp day.

Meet the Program Directors

Please feel free to contact Caroline or Erin for more information on the summer programs, activities, or other questions about our organizations.

Caroline Portrait

Caroline Carter, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
PSY 30377

My specialty and passion are in working with transgender and gender nonbinary (TGNB) children and youth, ages two and up. Community and a “sense of belonging” are developmentally paramount for children to access their innate authenticity, happiness, and resiliency. This sense of belonging comes from seeing one’s experience mirrored in another. épanouie and Unicorn Day Camp were created with this primary goal in mind – to connect youth on similar gender journeys! Each camp provides excitement and fun, while aiming to build esteem around children’s TGNC identities. I hope your child can join us this summer!


Erin Portrait

Erin Norton, Psy.D.

Registered Psychological Assistant PSB 94025827
Supervised by Vicki Chiang, Psy.D. PSY 21136

Youth are the future, and my passion lies in aiding and empowering healthy children and teens to forge a steady path. I believe providing young people with practical toolkits and bolstering their self-awareness and self-love are integral for support as they navigate their lives. My mission is to empower youth and provide a safe space for self-exploration, while simultaneously fostering a sense of resiliency, determination and compassion for one’s self and others. These values, as well as my passion for TGNB youth, have both motivated and informed me in helping to create épanouie and Unicorn Day Camp.


Caroline and Erin

Don’t miss the summer fun at Unicorn Day Camp!

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Working with TGNB youth is the highlight of my practice. Wherever your child is on their gender journey, the support and partnership therapy will offer can both ease the process and strengthen resilience and esteem. My work with TGNB youth includes individual therapy, family therapy, as well as therapy with siblings.



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